Worst places to live in United Kingdom

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  1. Cardiff, Rumney

    Cardiff, Rumney

  2. Living in Warrington, Cheshire

    Warrington: a town that will not be gentrified for a long time

  3. Skelmersdale


  4. Living in Tilbury, Essex

    Tilbury, a God-forsaken town of disgruntled, rancorous d*ckheads

  5. Living in Barry, Wales

    Barry is full of gobby, free loading, “i’m hard” arseholes

  6. Living in Brierley Hill, Dudley

    Brierley Hill where threesomes with your cousin is the norm

  7. Living in Dartmouth, Devon

    Dartmouth, Devon, picture postcard or chavsville?

  8. Roughest areas in South Shields

    The main industry in South Shields is shoplifting

  9. Living in Bridport, Dorset

    Bridport: historic **** town

  10. Living in Hull

    Why is Hull so hated? A few reasons…

  11. Living in Faversham, Kent

    I’ve always lived in Faversham and I can say it is a sh*t hole

  12. Hackney (a.k.a H- Town )

    Hackney (a.k.a H- Town )