So you fancy a trip to Paignton?

Living in Paignton, Devon

So, fancy a visit to Paignton eh? Firstly, if young free and single, ensure your vaccinations are up to date and you can be sure to take a few crabs home with you and not from the fishmongers. A book on local dialect would be useful, not Devonian, but scouse, brummie or Eastern European would […]

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Dawlish Warren, Devon… a.k.a Watership Downer

Living in Dawlish Warren, Exeter, Devon

Dawlish Warren is marketed by the tourist board as a traditional seaside resort for family, fun holidays. They haven’t visited in the past 20 years evidently, and failed to notice it is really Royston Vasey in disguise. I swear the League of Gentlemen was inspired by this place. Summer In the summer it is full […]

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Plymouth, it’s only down from here

Living in Plymouth, Devon

I’ve lived in Plymouth for 13 years in January. Being born in one of the most dangerous cities in the UK, you would think you couldn’t get much worse, well you would be wrong. As you enter the city the first thing you see is “WELCOME TO PLYMOUTH, BRITAIN’S OCEAN CITY” Well for a start […]

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Plymouth: England’s Cesspit

Living in Plymouth, Devon, South West

Well as my last article titled “Plymouth, the toilet of England” seemed so popular with the locals and even the so called “local newspaper” the Plymouth Live, well I say local, does news in Kent count as local? But anyway, let’s getting into the article. Today I will be focusing on other less salubrious areas, […]

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Plymouth, the toilet of England

Living in Plymouth, Devon

When I left a Glasgow 12 years ago, for a fresh start in Plymouth I didn’t think you could get much worse.. Oh how wrong I was. On the edge of the “River Tamar” with Cornwall bordering, famous for pasties and being the only county where you someone can introduce you to their aunt, wife, […]

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Paignton is a toilet now

Living in Paignton, Torbay, Devon

Paignton is a toilet now. Some residents are friendly enough, the state of most properties is not that bad for a predominantly low economy area, however it is completely spoiled because most of its main roads are adjacent to several social housing estates. I’m not trying to demonise social classes, it’s a fact that most […]

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Torquay the English Sh*tty-Area

Living in Torquay, Devon

Torquay is probably the only seaside town in England where ***** outnumber seagulls. However, it is easy to get confused between the two as both groups lay a trail of **** wherever they walk. The only difference is that ***** make their mark in the form of grease left on the floor of local fast […]

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Torquay: The English Chavopolis

Living in Torquay, Devon

It would have been a lot better if Sergei Skripal lived in Torquay rather than Salisbury because at least the government spends money on things other than benefits and combating knife crime in the latter. But even then, I’m not sure the Novichok would have been enough to deter all the bargain loving ***** who […]

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