Living in Nantwich, Cheshire

Nantwich: home of the yummy mummy & a sea of middle class insolence

The Nantwich yummy mummy battle tank, the Land Rover discovery, can be seen badly parked in parent and child bays across the town.

Living in Nantwich

Nantwich – The Great Crewe/Nantwich Divide

Nantwich: considered to be the most 'urban' destination that Aston Lords and Ladies are willing to drag little Jonty and Elisabet(no H) to.

Living in Blacon, Chester

Blacon, Chester, where you can either take drugs, sell drugs or leave

As you move through the generations of Blacon, the racism and xenophobia grows deeper and deeper.

Living in Handforth

Handforth, its got its good parts and its bad parts

Then there's the meriton Road Park behind the paddock, not to be ventured into at night due to having no lights

Living in Stalybridge

Stalybridge, sweet innocent kids turned into right little bastards

The pavements that used to be clean and well maintained, are now wonky, cracked and full of dog sh*t & blood stains from the weekend before.