Worst places to live in Kent

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  1. Living in Sittingbourne, Kent

    Sittingbourne, oh the joy

  2. Living in Ramsgate, Kent

    Why not to live in Ramsgate

  3. Living in Dartford, Kent

    Dartford: once a thriving market town, now a cesspit of sh*te

  4. Living in Gillingham, Kent

    Gillingham – Lively Rubbish Bin of the South East

  5. Living in Whitstable, Kent

    Whitstable: get drunk, smell of fish and nearly get into 5 fights

  6. Living in Herne Bay, Kent

    Herne Bay: Kent’s finest for coke addled spontaneous sparring sessions

  7. Living in Dover, Kent

    Dover – Most neglected unloved town in the UK

  8. Living in Gillingham, Kent

    Gillingham: a quaint little sh*tehouse situated on the river Medway

  9. Living in Sheerness

    Sheerness: where hopes, dreams and junkies go to die

  10. Living in Aylesham, Kent

    Aylesham is a village of Anti-Conservatives and racists

  11. Living in luton in Chatham

    Luton in Chatham is the festering cesspit of Medway

  12. Living in Gravesend

    Gravesend: Yea or Nay?