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  • Stacey Hollis

    I live in sandy Bedfordshire and yeah you have a handful of “chavs” but find it utterly disgusting what you wrote about our little village/town.. And then starting on other areas seriously mate if you don’t like it go live in a another country and see how far you get, your probley the biggest chav going around!

  • Gary Crispin

    Ok, so we are looking to buy a 3 bed house. We are looking at area that are well connected to both London and Birmingham via train and have narrowed down to 10 train stations in 7 different counties that are affordable to us. Just wondered what this websites obseesion with Chavs, Chavdom and Chavopolis is? Every place I type into this website mentions that the places are overrun with Chavs and Im not convinced that its possible that all these places can be overrun with chavs since they just dont have the numbers! I am looking at Coventry, Rugby (our favourite so far, and the only one that people havent just talked about chavs), Northampton, Banbury, Peterborough, Bletchley, Bicester, Milton Keynes, Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard. Search almost any of them and most posts just talk about Chavs. I am from Essex originally, so I’m acutely aware of Chav population, but I just cant believe thats all people can say about the places they have lived in.

    • Bolshie Dave

      Milton Keynes is ace.

  • Mr honest in Essex

    What’s it like in Middlesbrough I came up to look at cheaper property and the town etc looked nice close to the sea nice for summer too expensive in London and Essex so I’m moving

  • Mr honest in Essex

    Why is Middlesborough not nice ? That’s not true try going London full of overcrowding and pollution very high rents and property people rush I’m looking to move up to Middlesbrough about 4 miles from the town there has house prices are cheaper much cheaper , people in town were friendly in town the place was clean I looked on line there were jobs available the sea is less than 8 miles away Redcar sea and Whitby have a nice beach …. Etc London and greater London well overcrowded even Essex were I’m from is getting more populated from London so I can’t wait to live in Middlesbrough and in summer a sort ride to sea to enjoy