Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Salisbury, Wiltshire, South West

    Salisbury – well there’s two types of people

  2. Living in Landkey, Devon

    Landkey is a depressing festering place

  3. Living in Nailsea, Somerset

    Nailsea: Where the old come to die

  4. Living in Salisbury, Wiltshire

    Salisbury: I spy with my 3rd eye

  5. Living in Weymouth, Dorset

    Weymouth: Every day is like Sunday

  6. Living in Combe Martin, Devon

    Combe Martin in Devon – Bolshie Brummies in C**v Central

  7. Living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

    Cheltenham: For people who like Waitrose and gushing about their salary

  8. Living in North Devon

    North Devon: Fawlty Towers meets Filthy Rich and Cat Flap

  9. Living in the Isle of Portland, Dorset

    The Isle of Portland: The jewel in Dorset’s butt cheeks

  10. Living in Braunton, North Devon

    Braunton – Atlantis of snobs

  11. Living in Kingswood, Bristol

    Kingswood, Bristol: Sounds like a great place to live, isn’t!

  12. Living in Ilfracombe, Devon

    Ilfracombe: Tips for the Terminally Clueless