Top 10 Worst places to live in England 2023

Top 50 worst place to live in England 2023

All new for 2023, the worst places/towns to live in England. 105,598 of our readers voted in this year’s poll and 67,955 voted in our all new ‘best places to live’ poll. Ladies and gentleman, we have a new winner, spoiler alert… It’s not Peterborough, hurrah! Our new winner has been lurking around the top 10 like a pervert in a bush for a decade, but this year, they’ve gone all the way and taken the crown. Anyway enough of this waffle, you didn’t come here to read our bibble, you want to know if your town made it onto the list or is king of the sh*t tips, eh? So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts!

50. Northampton

49. Ipswich

48. Hull

47. Canterbury

46. Jaywick

45. Doncaster

44. Wigan

43. Manchester

42. Stevenage

41. York

That’s the ‘also rans’ out of the way. Big drop almost out of the top 50 for iLiveHere leviathan, Hull. However, I’m sure there are some fuming middle class residents and estate agents in Canterbury and York, apoplectic that their bourgeois enclaves have still made it on to our worst list. Anyhoo, we’re not laughing about that one little bit… honest!

40. Hounslow

39. Chatham

38. Harlow

37. Wisbech

36. Boston

35. Milton Keynes

34. Bolton

33. Wolverhamton

32. Poole

31. Abingdon

Things are starting to hot up now and some truly dreadful places making a showing such as Wolverhamton and that bit of the garden of England where all the cat t*rds are, Chatham. A lot of people in Northern England think the streets of the South East are paved with gold, we can assure you, In Luton Road, Chatham, it is more like died blood and puke.

30. Grimsby

29. Barking & Dagenham

28. Stoke-on-Trent

27. Sunderland

26. Plymouth

25. Middlesbrough

24. Crawley

23. Blackpool

22. Southampton

21. Reading

Big drops for stalwarts like Grimsby (once a winner), Stoke and Blackpool. That could only mean one thing… there’s some new grief holes at the top of the pile!

20. Cheshunt

19. Croydon

18. Oxford

17. Coventry

16. Liverpool

15. Kensington & Chelsea

14. Birmingham

13. Henley-on-Thames

12. Reading

11. High Wycombe

At iLiveHere towers, we are saluting every single one of you who voted for Oxford, Kensington & Chelsea and of course, Henley-on-Thames. Hahaha! Hopefully one of these will make it into the top 10 next year and really annoy the kleptocrats running this country by slightly devaluing their second home that we pay for…

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Here it is, our all new top 10 for 2023 and this year we are doing things a little differently. I.e. no easy-peasy lemon-copyright-theft list for lazy journos (especially those thieving @rsehats at the Daily Express) to cut and paste into their 2 minute bit o’ churn at our expense. This year we’ve done a video. So make a brew, sit back and watch 5 minutes of pure geographic schadenfreude!