Darlaston and Walsall: They need help

Having lived in Darlaston for over 19 years, sadly I am qualified to help on this issue .

The start of my morning is getting my local bus stinking of spliff at 610 in Rough Hay (the name was given for a reason ) you will usually at this point be smoked over whilst waiting for the bus (if you don’t smoke something on it you will be thrown off). The local accent is an interesting one. It’s a mixture of Black Country and f*** etc and don’t forget football, which all the blokes talk about and nowt else.

What is strange, is 2 miles up the road at Junction 10 (m6) you will see the latest Porsche’s parked at the hotel (well before they are nicked). It’s classic rich and poor, with the wrappings of the KFC plastering the local takeaway. The good thing is, most people are in bed by 9 so that the boy racers can take over the streets. It’s very rare any police are about, so they have a good nights racing.

How grim is your Postcode?

Having seen a number of TV’s being stolen out the front door of the local supermarkets with security running after them and the nappies in the bottom of the shopping (I ain’t taken nuthin love) as they led her away, it really does need a special channel 5 programme.