Burneside: a welcome to the Lakes

Living in Burneside, Cumbria

Imagine a scenic little village perched on the very edge of the lake district where the hushed serenity is only broken by the delightful sounds of lambs gamboling in the verdant fields, you’ll have to use your imagination and possibly ear protection as the vast industrial edifice of the paper mill in the village [allegedly] broadcasts a cacophony of strident sounds which make a Megadeath concert sound like a string quartet, this is provided 24/7 for your aural delectation.

Have a stroll by the picturesque river, but do mind your step as the locals are great dog lovers and spend every spare moment decorating the pavements and playing fields with vast piles of their beloved pet’s faeces, pass the local bus stop where yet more care is required to avoid the human variety of bodily emissions provided, at a charge by the utility company courtesy of the inadequate, but historic sewerage infrastructure.

A point of interest is the new bridge, replacing the flood damaged bridge which replaced the previous flood damaged bridge and has drawn it’s architectural inspiration from the monolithic concrete style of the Atlantic wall. In essence Burneside is a village to remember.

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