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So you want to add your town to iLiveHere? Well we just don’t add any old rubbish to the site. You need to write a minimum of two paragraphs for your article to be considered. Just putting “my town is rubbish, don’t come here” is not going to cut it. We like articles that are darkly comic and cynical. We don’t like local councillors or business people writing tourists advertisements.

We are pretty broad minded at iliveHere, however we do have some rules. 1. No racial slurs. If you don’t know what that means, you’re probably the kind of racist moron who would use one. So if you’re the kind of individual who likes to blame a particular race or “immigrants” for all your town’s ills, then leave this site now. Yes, take your bigoted, xenophobic, racist views somewhere else. 2. Don’t name names. We are subject to libel laws, we’re not going to put the site at risk just so you can have a pop at someone or an organisation. 3. Don’t threaten violence.

With all that being said, it’s time to let ripp and tell us about your town! Fill in the form below or email your rant to articles AT

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