Living in Reddish, Stockport, Greater Manchester

Reddish: The Ghetto of Greater Manchester

Reddish truly stands out psychologically, as people wonder what goes through a 12 year old boys head, when they decide to rob the purse of a pensioner.

Living in Swinton, Greater Manchester

Swinton is a sewer, I moved here from Macclesfield, big mistake!

As I walked around Swinton, I noticed the people looked like extras from The Walking Dead.

Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool: The seaside slum of littered beaches and inbred benefit bums

If you want a cheap, drug and STD filled holiday, visit Blackpool today!

Living in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Rochdale: A complete abomination occupying the map of Greater Manchester

Rochdale, activities, attractions or even remotely decent, worthy places to visit: non existent.

Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool: The Seaside Town They Forgot To Close Down

With chavs off on EasyJet adventures, what does that leave Blackpool with? Only the scummiest of the scum, Gods mistake, the super chavs.