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Burneside: a welcome to the Lakes

Living in Burneside, Cumbria

Imagine a scenic little village perched on the very edge of the lake district where the hushed serenity is only broken by the delightful sounds of lambs gamboling in the verdant fields, you’ll have to use your imagination and possibly ear protection as the vast industrial edifice of the paper mill in the village [allegedly] […]

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Get knotted in Knott-End

Living in Knott End, Lancashire

Knott End & Preesall: where the spirits die of boredom. Believe it or not there are places upon this earth that could only come from the warped imagination of some evil genius James Bond villain type. A dark figure sat in a lounge chair, cackling with glee whilst stroking a cat, conjuring up their latest […]

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Cleveleys: the morgue of Blackpool

Living in Cleveleys, Blackpool, Lancashire

Behold ye a place so gloomy and miserable that not even Heinrich Himmler would dare visit such a depressing edifice of human decay, for such a visit would have necessitated Heinrich’s convalescence in a concentration camp. There is an urban Corpse called Cleveleys, and this sh*tty shanty ‘town’ is very quickly becoming Lancashire’s equivalent to […]

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