Cardiff: Shell suit, no job and dinner plate earrings required

Living in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff the capital city of ch@vs, dinner plate size earrings and enough delusion to make you think the council believe in unicorns. It’s clear that this city has tried to polish a ****, with its facades on buildings lining main streets, you need only look behind them to see what a dire cr@p hole this city really is.

All the areas have made a attempt to dress themselves up… ten years ago, let down by the cities main occupants your common southern ne’er-do-well. The worst area struck for this is a area called Llanedeyrn. This is a area where kids set fire to swings and local night time entertainment means running away from the cops into the woods at 2am that I a former resident called ‘the druggie chicken run’.

With such wondrous neighbours with their multiple kids, no job, having fires and drunken parties till 3 am, you can be assured that night life won’t be the issue, sleep will. If you are any sort of self respecting decent person, then why the hell are you even thinking of moving here?

How grim is your Postcode?

Getting out of this city is difficult but it can be done. If you can manage to get a education in the local schools where teachers are more likely to grade shorter skirts than they are term papers and you avoid getting pregnant before 14, then you might have a chance. Education here is pointless as anyone educated will soon find most jobs hire on a ch@vs-only scheme and they don’t want the jobs. The few that do get hired tend to be the type whose natural eyebrows are a long term memory and only the freakish stenciled in brow now remains and nails like talons that would make a Raptor stop in envy.

All in all don’t bother with Cardiff. The local council are [allegedly] about as effective as a fart in a hurricane. The local police [definitely don’t] do drugs with the local drug dealers and the locals are proof that the missing link between man and neanderthal is alive and well.