You got beef bro?

You are probably here because something on this website has got you all riled up and you want it stomp on it with your interweb jackboot? Are we right? Yeah we are. So if this is indeed the case, then please read our disclaimer first, before you send us your bile. It’s important you do, because it may stop you making a complete fool of yourself. However saying that, we are the first to admit that sometimes some nasty stuff gets through our moderation and we would want it removed or deleted just like you.

Here’s a list of the things that concern us:

  • Naming names or impersonating someone
  • Racism and homophobia
  • Credible threats of violence
  • Libellous allegations about an organisation

Here’s a list of things that we don’t give two flying sh*ts about:

  • This article upsets me and I’m offended by it and therefore want it deleted
  • This article is wrong and I can’t understand someone having a different opinion than me
  • [insert where you live] is great, how very dare you, delete/censor it!
  • This article will make the house prices go down
  • This article does not reflect how things are now
  • The spelling and grammar on any part of this website
  • I’m a local councillor and blah blah blah
  • I’m a local meddlesome ratbag and blah blah blah
  • I’m an estate agent and this article is queering my pitch
  • I’m quite disturbed, I like knives, do you like knives too?
  • I’m want to mail in an insult to see if the website owners reply, because I don’t like this place and myself
  • I’m the headmaster/headmistress of [insert name of non-profit-on-paper failing academy] school. I simply will not tolerate anyone publishing a critical article about my pride and joy, because it might threaten the cushy job I’ve got myself. I’ve no idea how the internet really works and have never heard of the Streisand Effect. I therefore want to send you a legal threat and embarrass myself in a quite shameful display of bourgeois superciliousness.

If you are still need to contact us regarding any material on this site, then *sigh* please fill in the form below, have a think, read our disclaimer again, then click send.

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