Worst places to live in United Kingdom

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  1. Living in Maidstone, Kent

    Maidstone, c**v in its purest form

  2. Downham Market

    Downham Market

  3. Living in Whitstable, Kent

    Whitstable aka Sh*tstable

  4. Living in Brandon, Suffolk

    Brandon – a few miles from an even dirtier scumhole (Thetford)

  5. Whitstable, Kent

    Whitstable, Kent

  6. Tipton, West Midlands

    Tipton, West Midlands

  7. Living in Warminster

    Warminster is a run down, dingy, inbred, dull, grey, depressing town

  8. Living in Bedford

    Bedford, the place is riddled with strange and backwards people

  9. Living in Northleach, Gloucestershire

    Northleach: an olde worlde smokescreen masking drugs, depression & squalid inbreeding

  10. Caerphilly County Burough

    Caerphilly County Burough

  11. Living in Redditch, Worcestershire

    Redditch – the overall feel of the town is grim

  12. Depreston-Preston