Living in Sheerness

Sheerness: where hopes, dreams and junkies go to die

Sheerness is the end of the line... on a sticky-floored tube train that smells of stale piss, Stella Artois, Amber Leaf and misanthropy.

Living in Faversham, Kent

I’ve always lived in Faversham and I can say it is a sh*t hole

What's a town like Faversham without a bit of banter, fighting, drinking and drugs? - a very boring one.

Sheerness, Kent, Property Guide and Review

The intrepid explorer’s guide to Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey

Sheerness, I can only describe it as the festering cat turd in the Garden of England.

Living in Gillingham, Kent

Gillingham- The Bane of my Life

Gillingham, oh well, it could be worse.  I could be living in Chatham...

Living in Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne, chavs and gypsies living in (dis)harmony

Everyone shuffles like Romero Zombies, desperately hoping that they could move somewhere else....anywhere but Sittingbourne!!