Living in Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire

Dearne Valley (Valley of Death!)

Populated by Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham throwbacks they interbred with locals.

Living in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Keighley: a portrait of a town at its very worst

When you walk into Keighley, the first thing you'll see is gum and spit everywhere. The majority of Keighley is full of 13 yr old mothers and there 15 yr old baby daddies.

Living in Keighley, Yorkshire

Keighley: the most depressing and dull place I’ve ever encountered

The more time I spent in Keighley, the more I felt I was trapped in a groundhog day loop of repeating misery.

Living in Hull, East Yorkshire

A list of crap that you will have seen growing up in Hull

This list shows a general theme of Hull, and the festering attitude of an accepted way to live.

Living in Bedale, North Yorkshire

Bedale is the red and grey brick cyst on the face of the otherwise picturesque Yorkshire dales

An urban legend in Bedale is that a woman died in the beck and now haunts the waters. The water is in fact green and floating about is a stray McDonald’s wrapper.