The main industry in South Shields is shoplifting

South Shields has a housing stock that is crumbling from the outside in. Hence it is hard to understand why the town is called “affluent” by Wickipedia. The main industry in South Shields is shoplifting; other than that there is no noticeable means of making a living, since there is no industry and few offices.

The education standard of the average Tynesider is measured by their opinion that The Sun is an intellectual newspaper. The woman in South Tyneside are plainly vicious. Having lived in most uk regions I can vouch for the fact that the woman do not like male expression and will take your head off if you have an opinion. Nasty is the best way to describe Tyneside woman.

The men are generally easy going and you don’t get much hassle .The ***** are similarly easy going and if there is any violence, it is almost always between families which are huge, owing to in-breeding.

There are more dogs than humans in South Shields and they are represented as follows:

  • Pitbull type staffys 80%
  • Huskies 10%
  • Little yappy dogs 10%

The shops are full of shiny cheap imports and tynesiders think that anything that shines or lights up is posh.

I once heard a woman in South Shields  talk about class and the conversation is as follows.

Woman 1: I was afraid to come to your house with the other girls for the party because it looks posh from the outside.

Woman 2. Well it’s not, I have dirty knickers lying around the house just like anyone else.

In South Shields if you happen to get attacked by someone and report the crime to the police you will be arrested also. If someone buries an axe in your skull you will be arrested by the south shields police. This is unless you are an owner of a shop or someone who is wearing a suit. South Shields is a Police State but the police do not do much except raid the odd house which is growing weed in the attic. Other than that, they pull shop lifters but that is the extent of it.

If you don’t like the sea, beach or river, then the only reason to want to live in South Shields is because you have learning difficulties.

Verdict : Nasty woman, no decent shops, no social venues, no class. 98% **** population.

The nightlife in South Shields is appalling. Nightclubs such as Viva letting 12 year olds in and people urinating in the corner of Glitter Ball. The toilets are basically a drug den leftovers lines on toilet seats and the occasional half a pill on the floor that some radge **** will pick up and eat.

The pubs in the local area also show little class the green baize a pub in Tyne Dock serve you as long as your over 10. The backroom basically is a place to sell drugs and the outside is always littered with tab ends and empty glasses.

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