Burnt Oak: The open-air asylum of North West London

Is Burnt Oak, North London a nice place to live

Burnt Oak is the Body Odour of North West London.

If you unfortunately find yourself in this hellhole, seek refuge immediately. You’d think the home of the first ever Tesco would be notable, yet death is a better option than living in this place (The Tesco branch chose it as well). The moment you step outside the tube station (which is in the running for worst tube station in London) you are immediately hit with the stench of rubbish, dead pigeons and the overwhelming feeling of imminent stabbings.

Barnet Council have tried and failed and tried again to gentrify this area, but it simply refuses to improve. From the lamppost decorations to the murals and street art, they all fall on deaf ears as you get asked for weed the moment you venture into the depths of this sh*thole. They have managed to gentrify its neighbouring town Colindale (and Edgware soon) but Burnt Oak simply operates in its own time zone.

How grim is your Postcode?