Braunton – Posh yet grimy


Braunton is a village that at first appearances, seems rather hip and cool. It has some nice pubs that cater to the middle class and also the working class… and that’s about all.

You will find Braunton to be full and I mean full of 40-60 year old Karens and dodgy Daves from all social stratus. On the poorer side you get Karen’s walking around the estate, nosing in people’s recycling bins. Just so they can report on how much someone drinks and what they drink ( Usually due to envy, as these karens can only afford lidl own £2 wine). They also eavesdrop on neighbours going out in the morning. The dodgy Daves here will offer you free Sky TV, drugs and stolen skateboards/Surfboards.

On the wealthier side, the Karen’s like to get p@ssed at 10am or walk their pooping machines ( multiple dogs) around and talking very loudly about how much their property cost or that they “Came from Laaandddaaaann” originally. These Karens hate, absolutely hate the fact they have to have their children in the same schools as the “poor” children. Instead of queueing outside school, they will instead drive 2 minutes around the corner and sit in their massive cars. The dodgy Daves in this class are actually worse. They aren’t there to sell you bargains, but to rip you off with their new idea at a café business, or new shop selling meaningless kack for hundreds of pounds. Failing that, they’ll try and sell you an overpriced gas guzzling campervan.

How grim is your Postcode?

Now I believe Braunton can be saved. First thing should be to welcome in many fleeing Hong Kong to be housed straight away in Braunton.
Then why not allow some other ethnicities to come here? Braunton definitely needs more culture. Secondly, Braunton needs to stop the greedy landlords from buying up everything, just to rent it all out for insane profits.

And finally… We get it, the traffic is horrendous. Just don’t worry about the view and get a monorail put in from Barnstaple through Braunton, Croyde, Woolacombe and Ilfr….. Nah just end it at Woolacombe.