Northampton is one of the most backward towns in the UK

Living in Northamton, Northamptonshire

Just like others have posted about Northampton being a cesspit, I’d like to add that the council are so [*allegedly] backward (prehistoric imbeciles). It is run by Conservatives. I don’t know how they win the local elections… take a few guesses 😉

They were placed in special measures because they squandered so much money. No one [allegedly] was fired though (that’s nothing new). They’ve put up council taxes above average because they’re [*allegedly] getting the locals to pay for their failures. The council has plenty more money to squander on many more pet projects. The town planners are so backward. The whole place is in disrepair. Just look at their highways repair / reporting site. They just make excuses.

The homeless problem is getting worse day by day and the amount of street beggars is off the chart. The town centre is dead. Shops closing down left, right and centre. The place is crime ridden. The crime is done by all sorts from white collar, [*allegedly] authorities, to the basic ordinary person who resorts to crime out of dire straits.

How grim is your Postcode?

You did this to yourself Northampton. You did this to yourself UK. The whole of the UK is going down the sh*tter. Oops nearly forgot… Northampton mobile coverage is appalling. Some areas don’t even get a signal outdoors let alone indoors. A lot to do with the council again [*allegedly], see what happens when they keep refusing antenna/mast planning permissions. The lack of masts not only means no phone calls it also means no mobile internet/4G/5G broadband.

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