Worst places to live in North East

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  1. Living in Hull, East Yorkshire

    Heaven and Hull

  2. Living in Dinnington, Yorkshire

    Dinnington – Arse end of the Universe

  3. Living in Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire

    Dearne Valley (Valley of Death!)

  4. Living in Ferryhill, County Durham

    Ferryhill: full of inbred jobless drugged up muppets

  5. Living in Ferryhill, County Durham

    Ferryhill: What a f**king sh*theap

  6. Living in Keighley, West Yorkshire

    Keighley: a portrait of a town at its very worst

  7. Living in Keighley, Yorkshire

    Keighley: the most depressing and dull place I’ve ever encountered

  8. Living in Seahouses, Northumberland

    Seahouses: they hide the inbred so you see what they want you to see

  9. Living in Hull, East Yorkshire

    A list of crap that you will have seen growing up in Hull

  10. Living in Amble, Northumberland

    Amble: the population of 6,022 is now almost entirely related

  11. Living in Carlin How, Cleveland

    Carlin How: it’s now like walking through Beirut

  12. Living in Bedale, North Yorkshire

    Bedale is the red and grey brick cyst on the face of the otherwise picturesque Yorkshire dales