Living in Keighley, Yorkshire

Keighley: the most depressing and dull place I’ve ever encountered

The more time I spent in Keighley, the more I felt I was trapped in a groundhog day loop of repeating misery.

Living in Seahouses, Northumberland

Seahouses: they hide the inbred so you see what they want you to see

You would never expect that such a small village like Seahouses could be so inbred!

Living in Hull, East Yorkshire

A list of crap that you will have seen growing up in Hull

This list shows a general theme of Hull, and the festering attitude of an accepted way to live.

Living in Amble, Northumberland

Amble: the population of 6,022 is now almost entirely related

Forced to procreate among themselves for the last 600 years, Amble residents possess some of the lowest rates of genetic variation in the world.

Living in Carlin How, Cleveland

Carlin How: it’s now like walking through Beirut

The streets of Carlin How are littered with broken bottles and general scum, either high or drunk and don't dare to look anyone in the eye.