Worst places to live in London

(1846 crimes in Feb 2021)
Mile End
(1846 crimes in Feb 2021)
(1829 crimes in Feb 2021)
(1829 crimes in Feb 2021)
Bethnal Green
(1799 crimes in Feb 2021)
(1691 crimes in Feb 2021)
St Pancras
(1691 crimes in Feb 2021)
(1672 crimes in Feb 2021)
Maida Vale
(1654 crimes in Feb 2021)
(1645 crimes in Feb 2021)
Top 10 worst places to live in England 2021

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  1. Living in Loughborough Junction, London

    Loughborough Junction or should that be Laughborough

  2. Living in Sidcup, South London

    Sidcup’s notorious Blackfen Road

  3. Living in Hackney, East London

    Hackney – Be careful what you wish for

  4. Living in Neasden, London

    Neasden – Where the grass isn’t greener because there is no grass

  5. Living in Northolt, West London

    Northolt: The place that decency and cleanliness forgot

  6. Living in Tooting, South London

    Tooting… yikes!

  7. Living in West Hendon, North London

    West Hendon – A greyer shade of grey

  8. Living in Hackney, East London

    Hackney – Be careful what you wish for…

  9. Living in Bexleyheath, South London

    Bexleyheath – a hive of villainy

  10. Living in Elephant and Castle, South London

    Elephant and Castle – Yep, you’ve got off at the wrong stop.

  11. Living in Hounslow, West London

    Hounslow is looking pretty rough these days

  12. Living in Hackney, London

    The London Borough of Hackney – the ******** of London