Worst places to live in London

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  1. Living in Bexleyheath, South London

    Bexleyheath – a hive of s**m and villainy

  2. Living in Elephant and Castle, South London

    Elephant and Castle – Yep, you’ve got off at the wrong stop.

  3. Living in Hounslow, West London

    Hounslow is looking pretty rough these days

  4. Living in Hackney, London

    The London Borough of Hackney – the a******e of London

  5. Living in Clem Attlee Court, Fulham

    Clem Attlee Court, Fulham, full of wannabe boxers and gangsters

  6. Living in Battersea

    Battersea, the ghetto of the 80’s!

  7. Living in West Drayton, London

    West Drayton is one of the biggest sh*tholes around

  8. Living in Brockley

    Brockley: Hipster Dads, Goldsmiths Students, Social Housing Tenants and Dungarees

  9. Living in Leytonstone

    Leytonstone prides itself on the large number of fried chicken shops

  10. Living in Hammersmith and Fulham

    Hammersmith and Fulham one big f…ing sh** hole

  11. Living in Knightsbridge, West London

    Knightsbridge or Bugatti chaville!

  12. Living in Shepherd's Bush, West London

    Shepherd’s Bush: the red-headed stepchild that thought it was special