Worst places to live in Wales

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  1. Living in Wrexham, Wales

    Wrexham – a terrifying spice-zombie filled cesspit

  2. Living in Llandudno, Wales

    Llandudno: The Brown Town Of Welsh Resorts

  3. Living in Llandudno Junction, Wales

    Llandudno Junction: Haven for the primitive folk

  4. Living in Cwmbran, Wales

    Cwmbran: it’s ok if you like Greggs

  5. Living in Fairbourne, Wales

    Fairbourne: The land that time shat on…

  6. Living in Swansea, Wales

    Swansea – if you love violence and call centres, this is it!

  7. Living in Llanelli, Wales

    Llanelli – will it ever move with the times? No.

  8. Living in Towyn, Wales

    Towyn: Camelot for the leisurewear knights

  9. Worst place to live in Wales 2018 poll

    Worst place to live in #Wales 2018 poll – Vote NOW!

  10. Living in Port Talbot, Wales

    Port Talbot – The steel works literally stinks of human waste

  11. Living in Cardiff, Wales

    Cardiff it’s like every other large city now… but slightly worse

  12. Living in Porth, Wales

    Porth, god’s toilet.