Worst places to live in Wales

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  1. Living in Llandudno, Wales

    Llandudno: The Brown Town Of Welsh Resorts

  2. Living in Llandudno Junction, Wales

    Llandudno Junction: Haven for the primitive folk

  3. Living in Cwmbran, Wales

    Cwmbran: it’s ok if you like Greggs

  4. Living in Fairbourne, Wales

    Fairbourne: The land that time shat on…

  5. Living in Swansea, Wales

    Swansea – if you love violence and call centres, this is it!

  6. Living in Llanelli, Wales

    Llanelli – will it ever move with the times? No.

  7. Living in Towyn, Wales

    Towyn: Camelot for the leisurewear knights

  8. Worst place to live in Wales 2018 poll

    Worst place to live in #Wales 2018 poll – Vote NOW!

  9. Living in Port Talbot, Wales

    Port Talbot – The steel works literally stinks of human sh*t

  10. Living in Cardiff, Wales

    Cardiff it’s like every other large city now… but slightly worse

  11. Living in Porth, Wales

    Porth, god’s toilet.

  12. Living in Cardigan, Wales

    Cardigan: creeping insidiously from the murky depths of the polluted Teifi River