Worst place to live in Wales 2018 poll

Worst place to live in #Wales 2018 poll – Vote NOW!

It's that time of year again to vote for the worst god-forsaken sh*t tip in Wales 2018.

Living in Port Talbot, Wales

Port Talbot – The steel works literally stinks of human sh*t

When you're driving down the M4, you will smell Port Talbot before you see it.

Living in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff it’s like every other large city now… but slightly worse

Cardiff, where is it? In South Wales. What is it? The capital of Wales. Do you need to know any more? No. Do you need to visit? Definitely not.

Living in Porth, Wales

Porth, god’s toilet.

Porth translated is "gateway". It's the gates to hell more like.

Living in Cardigan, Wales

Cardigan: creeping insidiously from the murky depths of the polluted Teifi River

Cardigan pastimes include arguing over how other people's medically-prescribed Temazepam is shared out and moaning about the English.