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Marmite. Either love it or hate it. And like all things, Skelmersdale has its good and bad points. I have read some horrible reviews on this town however I feel that some have been a little harsh and judgemental and just to fit in with the trend, my judgements are that those judges and complaining people are most likely stuck up and born with a silver spoon in there mouths. In reality, all places do have there ups and downs, rough and posh areas and if you are sat smiling at your computer screen saying ‘I don’t’, this is due to that sharp object leaking out of your behind. Excuse my French.  I, speaking from the regrettable experience of living in Skelmersdale, do have to right to judge the area I live in. I feel as though I do have a very balanced opinion of this town, that due to the amount of negativity, I do not have to point out the ‘nitty gritty’ points therefore I am going to point out some positive views to brighten up the mood.

Firstly, Skelmersdale you may say has an annoying habit of repeating roundabouts and admittedly I feel your pain (sarcasm), Traffic lights Vs Roundabouts… the constant stoppage or the continuous routes? Point made.

Secondly, green. Although we as the human race have a tendency of smashing violently on any form of nature we have left, Skelmersdale is relatively green which is something most other places cannot say they obtain is.

Poor people? Thick people? People with no aims other than to get pregnant and live off of  your taxes? Agreeably, yes, there may be alot of people who follow this trend here however this generalisation of people is ridiculous and if someone so absurd agrees with these accusations I will gladly send my personal CV in the post!

Leading onto my next argument,  I am an 18 year old girl who has grown up in this town and I do have ambitions which I am currently fulfilling and yes, a dream of mine is to move away to a better place however I am proud of where I come from and I may have come from a ‘poorer’ background yet i have been raised up correctly with respect and manners from a place full of down to earth human beings whom most will drop anything to help a stranger, a small and tight knit community who all help and support each other.

In conclusion, my main point is for people to not judge any community until you have lived the good and the bad, additionally I hope to have opened some eyes, lifted some eyebrows and just to fit in with my stereotype… ‘Pulled some sticks out of people’s arses!

Thanks 🙂

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