Barbican, Plymouth
(774 crimes in May 2022)
Mannamead, Plymouth
(703 crimes in May 2022)
Polsloe, Exeter
(658 crimes in May 2022)
(627 crimes in May 2022)
Stoke, Plymouth
(589 crimes in Apr 2022)
(527 crimes in Apr 2022)
Pennsylvania, Exeter
(504 crimes in May 2022)
Babbacombe, Torquay
(490 crimes in May 2022)
Stonehouse, Plymouth
(383 crimes in Apr 2022)
Laira, Plymouth
(353 crimes in May 2022)

Karens tour of North Devon

Living in North Devon, Woolacombe, Lee, Ilfracombe

If you are thinking of moving here to live by the sea in Devon while working in a job under £30’000 a year?? Then don’t! What you’ll get is either a victorian slum that’s overpriced, or a nice apartment in a block full of holiday homes. And believe me, Karen’s will constantly belittle you for […]

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Plymouth, ingrate central

Living in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

Plymouth, when people hear this name they instantly think of green and a lighthouse, Unfortunately this is not the case, the city is full of uneducated ingrates who struggle to spell their own name. Meeting someone who was born Plymouth or Cornwall who has an IQ score of more than 60 is a rare pleasure, […]

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North Devon – Don’t do it!

Living in North Devon, Combe Martin and Ilfracombe

If you were thinking of moving to your over-priced dream North Devon property for a new life, then read on. Unfortunately everybody else had the same idea. Chopsy Brummies, cockneys, scousers, incompetent caterers, useless Pub landlords, and robbing shysters, have settled their fat arses down here already. Sorry about that. Devon isn’t paradise, it’s Sheffield […]

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Plymouth: England’s Cesspit

Living in Plymouth, Devon, South West

Well as my last article titled “Plymouth, the toilet of England” seemed so popular with the locals and even the so called “local newspaper” the Plymouth Live, well I say local, does news in Kent count as local? But anyway, let’s getting into the article. Today I will be focusing on other less salubrious areas, […]

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Paignton is a toilet now

Living in Paignton, Torbay, Devon

Paignton is a toilet now. Some residents are friendly enough, the state of most properties is not that bad for a predominantly low economy area, however it is completely spoiled because most of its main roads are adjacent to several social housing estates. I’m not trying to demonise social classes, it’s a fact that most […]

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