Living in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

High Wycombe- a place once famed for its furniture making and heritage, now famed for being a s**thole

High Wycombe, a place so dull and awful it cannot be said enough, a town once known as a scenic marketplace is now just a squalid mess.

Living in Herne Bay, Kent

Herne Bay: Kent’s finest for coke addled spontaneous sparring sessions

It's not quite the arsehole (Sheppey) nor the DFL capital (Whitstable) heck, it's not chaversham nor c*nterbury. I give to you, Herne Bay... Kent's finest.

Living in Stanwell, Middlesex

Stanwell: The Town Directed By John Carpenter

Some towns are glaringly bad, often apologetically so. Towns whose insidious nature lures folk like the sirens of the sea. As kids, we called it Stanwell.

Living in Dover, Kent

Dover – Most neglected unloved town in the UK

The German Army should've levelled Dover back in the 1940's and maybe it wouldn't look like the scrotum of Quasimodo that it does now.

Living in Shirley, Southampton

Southampton: The ex soviet bloc government funded retirement resort

It has now gotten to the point down Shirley high street in Southampton, that there's more Polish/Romanian/Bulgarian/ ex USSR signs than there are charity shops!