Marlow: breeding ground for Narcissists

Living in Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Marlow, Berkshire a town that now has more fake vegans per square metre than any other in the UK. Marlow used to be a friendly, welcoming place to enjoy and relax into but it is now blighted by narcissist residents.

There couldn’t be a mirror big enough for the ever-growing self-obsessed population of Marlow who will stop at nothing to find any activity that helps to reflect their own wealth back to them, brag about their life (simultaneously hiding their eye-watering mortgage) so they can perpetuate the Marlow myth.

If you’re not getting mown down by passive aggressive parents offloading their children from their vast and badly parked cars on a Saturday morning then you may find yourself in the way of hoards of steely faced runners, yoga mat carrying mid-lifers or coat-wearing dogs all marking their territory on Marlow’s bustling streets. Over time it has felt like a town where, if you can’t keep up (i.e. you’re not an IT consultant, stock broker, CEO, lawyer or accountant – or you’re not married to one) then you should do the honourable thing, admit defeat and leave.

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