Cotford St Luke – Fantastic if you like GUNFIRE!

Living in Cotford St Luke, Somerset

Cotford St Luke is a nondescript ‘new town’ (well, 20 ish years old) 6 or so miles to the north west of Taunton. It has a Co-Op shop and a quite well reviewed diner/bar called The Chapel.

The problem with this place is gunfire or gunshot, call it what you will. SIX days a week there is non-stop gunfire/gunshot coming, I assume, from a nearby clay Pigeon shooting range. It cannot possibly be live creature shooting as with the amount of gunfire there would be no animals left in the south west let alone this place.

To be fair, I cannot hear the gunshot in my home but then I am at the farthest point on the estate from the noise. Whether you can hear it indoors if you live closer I’ve no idea.

How grim is your Postcode?

The noise is when you leave the house. And the problem is if you have a dog who is sensitive to the kind of noise that fireworks make, like mine. I can rarely get more than a few metres before a wave of gunshot frightens the life out of my dog and he simply puts his tail between his legs and will not be dragged a millimetre further. We have to go home. On Saturdays it’s like a new years eve fireworks party of gunshot NOISE outside. It is TRULY AWFUL.

I thank the Lord that I am only renting and I will NOT be renewing my lease as I cannot wait to get away from this hell hole.
If you are thinking of buying here I URGE you to, no I beseech you; visit here with your dog any morning and have a half hour walk around. I’m pretty certain you’ll walk away and not look back.