Barry is full of gobby, free loading, “i’m hard” arseholes

Living in Barry, Wales

Ok so you have seen Gavin and Stacey? heard what a lovely seaside resort Barry is? YOU HEARD WRONG. I have lived here all my life and it isn’t the same place it used to be. These days it’s full of smack heads, speed freaks and the new popular drug – Fert.

Nobody cares about having jobs anymore, the new generation thinks it’s more fun to either spit out kids and get pissed or use their dole to get off their face on drugs. More little ***** growing up robbing houses and peoples cars and where as a lot of people have grown up with no fathers, they have no “man morals” and think it’s ok to punch a girl straight in the face for looking at them wrong.

Barry town is full of gobby, free loading, “i’m hard” **** holes that need to get a grip, get a f*****g job and stop spitting out kids by different men.

How grim is your Postcode?

Yes there are a few  decent hard working people in Barry, but these just get robbed by the other dirty little tramps living here.

Seaside resort? yeah young girls and boys walking around drunk starting on people that are trying to have a nice time. Everyone here seems as if they have to prove something and thinks it’s cool to be a bum, getting off their trollies day and night. The new generation here are jokes. Barry has now turned into a joke… sad to say but it’s true.