Hasluck’s Green, Solihull
(122 crimes in May 2022)
Rednal, Bromsgrove
(91 crimes in May 2022)
Green Lane, Coventry
(49 crimes in May 2022)
(1 crimes in Apr 2022)
(0 crimes in Apr 2022)

Dudley: The Epitome of Redneck!

Living in Dudley, West Midlands

Dudley really is the epitome of “Redneck”. With cutbacks hitting hard and outdated social climates, the town is a recipe for total disaster. What once was a booming market town, is now a high street of abandoned shops with an ever growing air of racial tension. The racial divide Dudley is divided into so called […]

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Coventry – Worse than ever

Living in Coventry, West Midlands

How can a city that was considered in the 1990s to be a lump of excrement clinging to the ******** of England, get any worse? Well, take my hand dear reader, and I’ll show you how my former home city, Coventry, has achieved the impossible. We alight from our bus at a place called “Pool […]

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Coventry = Liberal Dump

Living in Coventry, West Midlands

I’ve seen many articles on here proclaiming Coventry to be a dump, and, in spite of what the primitive Coventrians in the comments will tell you, I can assure you that all you have read is indeed true: Coventry is a dump. This once great industrial city has been reduced to nothing but one huge […]

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Keresley – What went wrong?

Living in Keresley

Keresely, where do I start? Ah yes, why don’t we start off at the fact that Keresley village is a modern day death camp to the even the most resilient of people. All the people that don’t live on the benefits of hard working people, like the Bedworth population, sponge of their kids and rely […]

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