Living in Coventry, West Midlands

Coventry = Liberal Dump

Steer clear of Coventry. DO NOT ENTER under ANY circumstances. Actually, just avoid the entire of the West Midlands, the whole place is crap

Living in Keresley

Keresley – What went wrong?

The crime here in Keresley is frightening, living here is a punishment. Every turn you make there is a burned car, I'm not joking.

Coventry, West Midlands, Property Guide

Coventry is a miserable place that drains you of life

Coventry is propped-up by the council who propose brand new white elephants to waste tax money, which most people do not want or need.

Wyrley Birch Estate, Erdington, Birmingham Property Guide

Wyrley Birch Estate, Erdington, Birmingham, never leave any valuables on sight

There are still taxi drivers who will refuse to pick you up or drop you off in the area if they know it's the Wyrley Birch Estate.

Darlaston – A little Chav Hellhole

Darlaston – A little Chav Hellhole

I have lived in Darlaston since the day I was born and over the past few years things have started to take a dramatic change in the society. It used to start of with the occasional family moving onto