Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool – Probably Britain’s Worst Place

I have lived in some godforsaken places in my time but Blackpool really takes the biscuit.

Living in Dundee, Scotland

Dundee: think drug dealing is going to be profitable, it wont be

Dundee is the largest town in Tayside. Although a city, it certainly feels like a town from the moment you arrive at the train station with only 2 platforms.

Living in Stanwell, Middlesex

Stanwell: The Town Directed By John Carpenter

Some towns are glaringly bad, often apologetically so. Towns whose insidious nature lures folk like the sirens of the sea. As kids, we called it Stanwell.

Living in Accrington, Lancashire

Accrington: The Chernobyl of the North West

There is a big dirty banner down the middle of Broadway (Accrington's main "shopping" street) which is supposed to be in honour of the Accrington Pals but it is so dirty and weathered that to now just looks like a grey tarpaulin.

Living in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff it’s like every other large city now… but slightly worse

Cardiff, where is it? In South Wales. What is it? The capital of Wales. Do you need to know any more? No. Do you need to visit? Definitely not.