Living in Sherborne, Dorset

Sherborne, a hideously deranged town that looks great from afar

Look up and you know life should be much better; look down and know that at least you don’t live in Yeovil...

Living in Liskeard, Cornwall

Liskeard, Cornwall… moving here is biggest mistake you will ever make

Liskeard, Cornwall and all its sly little outlying villages, if you move here to "better your life" then it’s the biggest mistake you'll ever make.

Living in Combe Martin, Devon

Combe Martin: One Foot in the Grave, set in Devon’s own Royston Vasey

Combe Martin, it's still the Mecca for organic hipsters, cowboy builders, cockney chancers, Brummie bellends and noisy yummy mummy clubs.

Living in Warminster, Wiltshire

Warminster, the hidden sh*thole of roadmen and squaddie mattresses

Think you’re a gangster or you’re a woman with confidence issues & think sleeping with loads of squaddies will boost your self esteem, then Warminster is the town for you.

Living in Braunton, North Devon

Braunton – Atlantis of snobs

The kids that live in Brauton are some of the most deluded, obnoxious and spoilt little sh$ts to ever grace the U.K outside of London.