Living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Cheltenham: For people who like Waitrose and gushing about their salary

If you like eating quinoa, driving BMW's, giving your children goofy names or just generally behaving like a smug tw@t, move to Cheltenham.

Living in North Devon

North Devon: Fawlty Towers meets Filthy Rich and Cat Flap

Living in North Devon is like living a 1970s sitcom, and to be blunt it's just as cheesy.

Living in the Isle of Portland, Dorset

The Isle of Portland: The jewel in Dorset’s butt cheeks

People often say "it's lovely, all the sea views, all the views of the coast it's beautiful". I would like to point out that those are views of something that is NOT Portland.

Living in Sherborne, Dorset

Sherborne, a hideously deranged town that looks great from afar

Look up and you know life should be much better; look down and know that at least you don’t live in Yeovil...

Living in Liskeard, Cornwall

Liskeard, Cornwall… moving here is biggest mistake you will ever make

Liskeard, Cornwall and all its sly little outlying villages, if you move here to "better your life" then it’s the biggest mistake you'll ever make.