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Swindon: Britain in microcosm

Living in Swindon, Wiltshire

Swindon is Britain’s most average town. The conclusion we must draw from this is that Britain is broken, and not worth saving. Once it was proud of its huge railway works. That was closed down and some workers found alternative well-paid manufacturing jobs at Honda. That’s gone too, but never fear – a huge Amazon […]

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Karens tour of North Devon

Living in North Devon, Woolacombe, Lee, Ilfracombe

If you are thinking of moving here to live by the sea in Devon while working in a job under £30’000 a year?? Then don’t! What you’ll get is either a victorian slum that’s overpriced, or a nice apartment in a block full of holiday homes. And believe me, Karen’s will constantly belittle you for […]

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Plymouth, ingrate central

Living in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

Plymouth, when people hear this name they instantly think of green and a lighthouse, Unfortunately this is not the case, the city is full of uneducated ingrates who struggle to spell their own name. Meeting someone who was born Plymouth or Cornwall who has an IQ score of more than 60 is a rare pleasure, […]

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