Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Chatham, Kent

    Chatham: the dog sh*t splattered patio of the Garden of England

  2. Living in Sittingbourne, Kent

    Sittingbourne, oh the joy

  3. Living in Gillingham, Kent

    Gillingham – Lively Rubbish Bin of the South East

  4. Living in Gillingham, Kent

    Gillingham: a quaint little sh*tehouse situated on the river Medway

  5. Living in Sheerness

    Sheerness: where hopes, dreams and junkies go to die

  6. Living in luton in Chatham

    Luton in Chatham is the festering cesspit of Medway

  7. Living in Rochester, Kent

    Rochester should forget Dickens. He’s dead & the town should try a new trick

  8. Living in Hoo, Kent

    Hoo, if you smoke weed then there’s one dealer for every 3 people

  9. Living in Chatham, Kent

    Chatham, people can often be seen urinating in the street

  10. Living in Faversham, Kent

    I’ve always lived in Faversham and I can say it is a sh*t hole

  11. Living in Chatham, Kent

    Chatham, Kent, aka Chavham

  12. Sheerness, Kent, Property Guide and Review

    Sheerness: industrial eyesore & the ‘crapital’ of the Isle of Sheppey