Worst places to live in United Kingdom

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  1. Scarborough, Property guide and review

    Scarborough (Scarbados)

  2. Pelton – “Village of the damned”

    Pelton – “Village of the damned”

  3. the fight for working class none *****

    the fight for working class none *****

  4. Living in Hedworth, Jarrow

    Hedworth (Badwaff), Jarrow

  5. Living in Chester-Le-Street

    You know you live in Chester-Le-Street when you’ve seen…

  6. Lisburn, County Antrim

    Lisburn, County Antrim

  7. Living in Horsham, West Sussex

    Horsham, overrated, overpriced, up-its-**** boring, bland sh*thole

  8. Living in Nottingham

    Nottingham, the least friendly, intolerant city I have ever lived in

  9. Gloucester, Property guide and review

    Gloucester – boil on backside of humanity!

  10. Carlisle, Cumbria, Property guide and review

    Carlisle – In-breeding at its best

  11. Redditch-Bleugh


  12. Barnsley, Property guide and review

    Barnsley, visit the place which inspired the film Deliverance