Living in Gillingham, Kent

Gillingham: a quaint little sh*tehouse situated on the river Medway

Gillingham people are easy to distinguish from Chatham-ites (where the geezers are half puggy & most of the lardarse ladies are on the game).

Living in Darwen, Lancashire

Darwen: a pretty little market town? the reality can’t be more different!

The A666 into Darwen is lined on both sides with Pubs and Takeaways, their signages glaring and flashing to entice in the slack-jawed yocals

Living in Buckshaw Village, Chorley

Buckshaw village – it’s becoming a vile place to be

Buckshaw Village, there seems to be a whole new sub culture of chav emerging.



I cannot believe tiverton is not on this list. It has more nutter and weirdos per square inch than london. Its a lovely picturesque town with nice features and lovely hanging baskets on every



Gloucester is truly the most horrific city you'll ever visit. It is completely devoid of any hope or ambition. Most towns have a few bad areas but Gloucester has only bad areas, and the highlight