Blaenavon: It has a hole

Living in Blaenavon, Gwent, Wales

Blaenavon lies in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape, 13 godforsaken square miles of proof that the UN has a messed up sense of humour. If you find yourself here then you’re probably lost and are about to play a bit part in a real life slasher movie. However, […]

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Abergavenny is culturally lacking in every aspect

Living in Abergavenny, Gwent, Wales

Abergavenny is known as the gateway to Wales. It is a small market town surrounded by verdant hills. The town itself has a tired, run down feel with lots of charity and cheap goods shops. The council have poorly managed the town, resisting rejuvenation and charging such high rates that many shops are forced to […]

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Pontypool in the Valleys is the UK version of the Deep South

Pontypool, Wales, Property guide and review

This is a marvellous little town situated in the South East Wales Valleys but is blighted by ****** known as ‘*****’. Although it isn’t very hard to spot one of these creatures in the town, it is hard to say their hotspots as they like to hover around. However, my observations found that the best […]

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Abertillery – A Case Study

Living in Abertillery

Where to begin? A poor rundown former hive of industry which through no fault of its own is now a shuffling wreck of a place. BUT…remember folks that **** does not = poor, **** = *******. The place is teeming with spotty drugged-up teenagers whose idea of a good time is a litre of White […]

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Ebbw Vale, what a town

Living in Ebbw Vale

Where should I start, Ebbw Vale is one of the **** capitols of the South Wales Valleys!!! For a town with a population of around 29000 there are only 3 pubs in the town centre and is subsequently a brewing pot for fights, and there are fights galore!!!!! Every neanderthal in the town just seems […]

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newport south wales

please take time to read the following statement. thank you well, im quite angry with the ***** around at the moment. the hoodie loving fake gold bumming skunk smoking knobs that are dragging Newport downhill rapidly. ***** (council house and violent for anybody who doesnt know) naturally hate “sweaties” or “moshers” , such as dog […]

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Newport, this is just a Hillbilly Love Town

Living in Newport

Commercial street Man, this is just a Hillbilly Love Town, family runs thick here. You’ll know when some peakcapless slaphead asks you if you’ve got a *** and calls you Bra, like you’re wrapped around a pair of **** and difficult to undo. If this happens, reply No, then enjoy your leisurely walk up Commercial […]

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Newport – where theys speaks likes thiiisss

The peak cap slumming it vibe of this nethertown will drive even the most animated horn tooting bare-chested straw-chewing, techno-loving, you-knows-it, fiesta-driving, fat-chic-shafting braindead into buying loads of ecstasy, from the sppeeaksss likkee thisss dealers, in an alleyway. Following this purchase from binky’s finest, the peak cap should be turned backwards for a leisurely hop […]

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A settlement of villagers, overwhelmed from the late 1960 s on by diddycoys, ******, low level intelligence, working class no hopers, attracted to the area by low skilled building works to the new town centre, regional housing and steel works, these positions now superceded by unit factories and call centres, low budget, low wage **** […]

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