Living in Sandhurst

Sandhurst, there is nothing to do… really, nothing.

Every group of Sandhurst teenagers should have one of their mothers along to make sure they play nicely and clean up after themselves.

Living in Reading, Berkshire

Reading – what was a fairly nice university town is now a hell hole

You'll find a population lacking in common manners, who are willing to barge into you, yell at you for being their way & spit on the floor.

Living in Bracknell, Berkshire

Bracknell, If Berkshire needed an enema this is where they’d stick the tube

The infamy of Bracknell is so widespread that no one from the surrounding areas wants to move here.

Living in Reading, Berkshire

Reading – it’s the home of some great characters

One time I walked down a smelly alley and a random man leers at me, 'Oh yeeeeeeeees. I like them malnourished,' he says. Malnourished? What?

Maidenhead – What a Dump

Maidenhead – What a Dump

Maidenhead's train station sign should say "Abandon all hope here". The place has been shafted by its Tory council for years, and now is a ghost town of 99p shops, coffee outlets and sod all else.