Northallerton is a **** Town

There is a place, not far from **** Central uk (Darlington), that is an overspill for ****’s called Northallerton.  On the surface it is a nice little market Town, and actually offers some very good retail outlets and lots of nice eateries, it even has a Bettys Tea Room.  If you were to visit this Town for the day, i suggest an afternoon, you would probably go home unaware of the deep lying social problems in this community.  Firstly, people are totally unashamed of walking down the street eating their ‘Greggsies’ on their way to ‘Wilkos’ to meet their friends.  If you go 100 metres in any direction outside the high street youll become aware of an abundane of single mothers pushing their buggies, sometimes followed by a **** with a baseball hat and vest with a nice pair of tracksuit bottoms donning the latest Rockport boots.  Like most **** towns, Northalleron has the usual public houses and a nightclub called ‘Amadeus’, frequented by the hardcore element of *****.  The ***** here think it is acceptable to go clubbing with their parents, who are usually in their late twenties, unemployed, seperated, a step parent, and from a long line of underachieving and uneducated lower classes. In Northallerton it is easy to spot the **** hierachy, the woman will usually have at least four tattoos, and always one just above their breast, classy.  The men will also have tattoos, they are ‘well hard’ if they have their name, sometimes with date of birth, on their neck.  Now ***** live in rented council houses or schemes with their entire family within a 500 metre radius, but will spend lots of money on large gold jewlery and earings despite not having a job    

By: Paul

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