Living in Buckshaw Village, Chorley
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Buckshaw village in Chorley is one of those new villages what are cropping up around this now despicable country. It used to be an RAF base. It’s becoming a vile place to be. There seems to be a whole new sub culture of chav emerging.

Most houses and flats are over 100 grand, but this hasn’t stopped them. Nobody has got a local accent, it’s slowly becoming a haven for people with baggy towel tracks bottoms tucked into a pair of hi-tec trainers who look like they’ve s**t their le coqs, coupled with that guttural fake Scouse accent.

All the slags who have moved into the area look like Cheshire wags, but only got a straw to their name to drink there blue wicked from.

As for the local pub, [the of which we can’t mention], is truly unbelievable. All the bar staff are [allegedly] having sex with each other or they’re already bringing up a whole new possible inbred, never seen on these shores before.

Please do not buy here. There is even a disclaimer on buying a house, not to grow food in your garden because the land is fucked. Please do not exit the m61 at Chorley, or you could end up here, thanks.

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