Pontypool in the Valleys is the UK version of the Deep South

This is a marvellous little town situated in the South East Wales Valleys but is blighted by ****** known as ‘*****’. Although it isn’t very hard to spot one of these creatures in the town, it is hard to say their hotspots as they like to hover around. However, my observations found that the best places to spot a **** is in the middle of town centre by Iceland and Wilko, the Jobcentre which is a short walk away from town centre, the bus stops by the council offices and Tesco.

There is a small area in Pontypool known as Trevethin where most of these creatures have settled. When you drive through this place, you look at it with disgust and begin to ask yourself why you are coming here. Some roads are somewhat quiet but there are others that are swarmed with **** children who ride around on their bikes wearing their classic attire, shouting in their ******** gangster accent and just being mischievous little things. If you’re unlucky enough to be in the area, you may encounter some verbal abuse from them and possibly further if you challenge them. Most of them like to chill outside the Spar asking those passing by to buy them cigarettes and alcohol as they are not old enough to go out and get it themselves.

You may also come across a bit of noise on your travels around Pontypool. This is the sound of the elder **** zooming around the place in a very old Citroen Saxo or similar with a big exhaust engine at the back (cause of the awful noise by the way!) with the car tricked out with bright colours or even lights underneath the car if they’re feeling extra creative! Be sure to cross the road with caution!

If anyone tells you that the South Wales Valleys is like the UK version of the Deep South in the USA, it is likely they are telling the truth. Pontypool is one of those places where everyone knows each other and know each other’s business (if you’re the type of person who likes their privacy, avoid this place at all costs!) Pontypool has been known for some ****** tendencies between families which is rather scary. Also, the teenage pregnancy rate in this area is very high. Some kids as young as 12 can be seen pushing their little brats in a pram.

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