Worst places to live in Lancashire

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  1. Living in Colne, Lancashire

    Colne: Welcome back to the medieval era!

  2. Living in Burscough, Lancashire

    Burscough: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

  3. Living in Padiham, Lancashire

    Padiham: the skid mark of Lancashire

  4. Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

    Blackpool, a bog-log bobbing adventure by the sea

  5. Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

    Blackpool: The seaside slum of littered beaches and inbred benefit bums

  6. Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

    Blackpool: The Seaside Town They Forgot To Close Down

  7. Living in Chorley, Lancashire

    Chorley the arse crack of Satan’s drug dealer

  8. Living in Mawdesley, Lancashire

    The diseased heart of darkness that is Mawdesley

  9. Living in Blackburn, Lancashire

    Blackburn – Dear oh dear me

  10. Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

    Blackpool – Probably Britain’s Worst Place

  11. Living in Accrington, Lancashire

    Accrington: The Chernobyl of the North West

  12. Living in Rishton, Lancashire

    Rishton: The Absolute low of Great Britain