Living in Mawdesley, Lancashire

The diseased heart of darkness that is Mawdesley

Things like a pavement, a street light, a train station, that give Latham that real "buzz" are absent in Mawdesley.

Living in Blackburn, Lancashire

Blackburn – Dear oh dear me

Take it from me, some estates in Blackburn make Syria look calm.

Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool – Probably Britain’s Worst Place

I have lived in some godforsaken places in my time but Blackpool really takes the biscuit.

Living in Accrington, Lancashire

Accrington: The Chernobyl of the North West

There is a big dirty banner down the middle of Broadway (Accrington's main "shopping" street) which is supposed to be in honour of the Accrington Pals but it is so dirty and weathered that to now just looks like a grey tarpaulin.

Living in Rishton, Lancashire

Rishton: The Absolute low of Great Britain

If you can survive in Rishton then you are undoubtedly better than Bear Grylls.