Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool, a bog-log bobbing adventure by the sea

Blackpool: 10th rate smack-scrote infested, grotty shi@hole.

Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool: The seaside slum of littered beaches and inbred benefit bums

If you want a cheap, drug and STD filled holiday, visit Blackpool today!

Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool: The Seaside Town They Forgot To Close Down

With chavs off on EasyJet adventures, what does that leave Blackpool with? Only the scummiest of the scum, Gods mistake, the super chavs.

Living in Chorley, Lancashire

Chorley the arse crack of Satan’s drug dealer

After arriving in Chorley in 1980, my life became a depressed mountain of misery and boredom.

Living in Mawdesley, Lancashire

The diseased heart of darkness that is Mawdesley

Things like a pavement, a street light, a train station, that give Latham that real "buzz" are absent in Mawdesley.