CROWTHORNE- The advent of Lidl and the outsourced *****.

I have lived in Crowthorne for over 5 years and despite the hospital, 99% of Crowthorne is actually quite beautiful and serene. However, the changes i have seen are horrendous and sometimes i feel i would be safer within the hospital walls than out on Napier Road and Crowthorne high street. I have the misfortune of living close by. I blame Lidl for the advent of the Crowthorne ****.

In Crowthorne there are 2 distinct stages of Chavness, stage 1, the junior ***** with scooters that they race at 2 am who hang out in the village green at the old library. stage 2 fully fledged ***** that have “pimped up motors” that they race until 3am. A lot of these unruly, unsavoury characters are heavily outsourced by the Crowthorne Inn from Bracknell, Yateley,and other surrounding areas. The only locals are strong contingent of ******* from goodness knows where that is growing by the day.

The average age of the punters is 14-19. with a spattering of a few haggard old alcoholics, and some depressed hospital staff. They are mostly gyspies. (im not sure if thats an insulting term but i can not keep typing travelling community types, ) from 1st of May, the merest hint of sunlight the boys all go topless and flex their skinny limbs at each other while thy fall about in under age drunken stupor. in their heavily gelled and spiked or completely shaved hair, they shout at evry girl passing by despite being with their obnoxious and incredibly loud girls who may as well be topless. It’s like a cher loyd explosion of cropped tracksuit bottoms, bleached hair ,hoop earings and exposed bellies. They are rude, abrasive brash incessant smokers drinking beer on the street while they argue on their mobile phones about evrything in very clear lurid detail,or blast music on their car stereos. The police did a drug raid last weekend that was when i knew it’s time to go. They argue about everything until 3am any day of the week. They congregate on the bench outside the Co-op and smoke goodness knows what..

The village has become incredibly diverse, but the saving grace is most people will politely get on with their business. We all try to ignore the Llyods bank break in, a somerfield window being smashed thus neccesiting a metal cover at night, a couple of arson related forest fires, and hope that the opening of Costa will chase away the uncouth youth.


By: Lula

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