Living in Buckshaw Village, Chorley

Buckshaw village – it’s becoming a vile place to be

Buckshaw Village, there seems to be a whole new sub culture of chav emerging.

Living in Mawdesley, Lancashire

Mawdesley: A tiny infestation of snobbish, obnoxious, inbred pricks

It takes a special breed of individual to actively seek out the most expensive depressing, lifeless, isolated, inbred hole like Mawdesley.

Living in Mawdesley, Lancashire

Mawdesley. Home to every boss you hated.

Mawdesley, an inbred, featureless, scuzzy hole in the arse end of Lancashire for scrap metal dealers and white collar fraudsters made good.

Living in Chorley

Chorley (small insignificant sh*thole between Blackburn and Preston)

From the moment you enter the diseased hell hole known as Chorley, you can smell the social waste of time.