Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Chatham, Kent

    Chatham: the dog sh*t splattered patio of the Garden of England

  2. Living in Sittingbourne, Kent

    Sittingbourne, oh the joy

  3. Living in Gillingham, Kent

    Gillingham – Lively Rubbish Bin of the South East

  4. Living in Gillingham, Kent

    Gillingham: a quaint little sh*tehouse situated on the river Medway

  5. Living in Chatham, Kent

    Chatham, Kent, aka Chavham

  6. Sheerness, Kent, Property Guide and Review

    Sheerness: industrial eyesore & the ‘crapital’ of the Isle of Sheppey

  7. Living in Sittingbourne

    Sittingbourne, c***s and g*****s living in (dis)harmony

  8. Living in Twydall, Gillingham, Kent

    Twydall Estate, Gillingham: a delightful place to visit, but not on your own

  9. Living in Sittingbourne, Kent

    Sittingbourne: the only small town to have 3 branches of McDonalds

  10. Living in Sittingbourne, Kent

    Sittingbourne – a bleak wasteland between the M2 & the Isle of Sheppey