Living in Cinderford, Gloucestershire

I watched Deliverance the other day, it made me think of Cinderford

Cinderford: If you want to experience authentic rustic English charm at its very finest, go elsewhere.

Living in Lydney, Gloucestershire

Lydney: The ugly little brother of Coleford

The dialect of the Lydney folk is difficult to understand and impossible to master. Decades of inbreeding has now altered their vocal chords to the point of mutation.

Living in Gloucester

Gloucester – What a shame

Gloucester, once proud cathedral city leading to the Cotswolds is now a crime ridden concrete hell-hole, festering with chavs and criminals.

Gloucester, Property guide and review

Gloucester – boil on backside of humanity!

Marvel at the filth of our bus station and if you're unlucky you'll encounter your first chav or wino.



Gloucester is truly the most horrific city you'll ever visit. It is completely devoid of any hope or ambition. Most towns have a few bad areas but Gloucester has only bad areas, and the highlight