Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Boston, Lincolnshire

    Boston: I am not a duck!

  2. Living in Rothwell, Kettering

    Rothwell: God’s Idea of a Joke

  3. Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

    Loathsome Luton!

  4. Tiverton


  5. Gloucester


  6. Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

    Bedford, It’s never ending, It’s hell

  7. Pontypool, Wales, Property guide and review

    Pontypool in the Valleys is the UK version of the Deep South

  8. Northallerton is a **** Town

    Northallerton is a **** Town

  9. shirebrook, derbyshire property guide

    Shirebrook & the ****** “you’re not welcome here” attitude

  10. Sheerness, Kent, Property Guide and Review

    Sheerness: industrial eyesore & the ‘crapital’ of the Isle of Sheppey

  11. salford