Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

    Cheltenham: As posh as a pot noodle

  2. Living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

    Cheltenham: For people who like Waitrose and gushing about their salary

  3. Living in Churchdown, Gloucestershire

    Churchdown – a final resting place

  4. Living in Kingswood, Bristol

    Kingswood, Bristol: Sounds like a great place to live, isn’t!

  5. Living in Cinderford, Gloucestershire

    I watched Deliverance the other day, it made me think of Cinderford

  6. Living in Lydney, Gloucestershire

    Lydney: The “lovely” little brother of Coleford

  7. Living in Cinderford

    Cinderford: There is a tenth circle of hell

  8. Living in Newent, Gloucestershire

    Newent, a million shades of grey

  9. Living in Gloucester

    Gloucester – What a shame

  10. Living in Coleford, Gloucestershire

    Coleford: The anus of the Forest of Dean

  11. Living in Cheltenham

    Cheltenham, I would never go back even if you paid me

  12. Stroud, Gloucestershire, Property Guide

    Stroud, who wants to be stared at by a group of inbreds?