Gillingham: a quaint little sh*tehouse situated on the river Medway

Gillingham, Kent, a quaint little sh–ehouse situated on the river Medway. Once upon a time, it was separate from Chatham and Rochester and was a decent thriving town, a good place to live. The people of Gillingham had a different accent to their p–ey ****** rivals from Chatham, who are easy to distinguish since the geezers are all half puggy and most of the fat lardarse ******* are on the game [allegedly].
Since being merged into Medway against the will of the inhabitants, we have lost our council housing to these **** who now inundate Gillingham council housing, because medway sold there own.

When walking down the high st from the station, if you’re a tourist the first thing you see is the [alleged] scumhole known as the “bell” a.k.a the s—–n bell, a well known [alleged] habitat of layabout thieves, scumrats, fat lardarse ******* (swilling beer all day, usually with a baby in tow nearby, who’s of doubtful parentage and ethnicity and who’ve never done a days work in their lives), alkies & druggies. It is [allegedly] full of divs and ugly hoes with rotten teeth.

Moving on, if unfortunately it is the so called “market day” you will be confronted by what can only be described as a North African Kasbah full of illegal immigrants in gangs and eastern European roma pickpockets. Visiting this mobile den of iniquity will be 100’s of Chatham pi–y women, intent on thieving. The cheap fake clothes and hooped earrings give them away and they also like to chat up the ethnic stallholders because most have babies from immigrants already.

If your lucky enough to emerge unscathed from this collection of cheap ****, you will come to a certain pharmacy. Outside will be a line of filth of all descriptions, but unwashed mingers with tangled hair and the same clothes on for a month would be fair to describe them. As for their boyfriends? Dirty little **** that sell anything they can steal and have no idea of morality and regularly rob the elderly and vulnerable without any sense of common decency. They will all be there to collect their methadone or rob it off the weaker ones.

When you cross over, it is advisable to conceal your face and in case you accidentally make eye with any of these dropouts. That is because they will ask where you’re going and if you say the ATM or bank, they will immediately go into a begging routine and keep on whining until you say f–k off or give in, so you lie profusely and move on. Some wont believe you and will watch which way you go if you’re a mug. So you have to pause and dart into a local bookies to confuse them. When you see the coast is clear you can proceed on your way to the h——x bank. You have to check when leaving, because they will blatantly accost you again, but not me, because I’m no mug and they get a f off.

After leaving you have to once more run the gauntlet in reverse, passing the junkies and dozens of takeaways and cafes that overwhelm the place. Most of these eateries are foreign and [allegedly] have filthy kitchens and not very appetising menus. Most are [allegedly] regularly raided by health inspectors who recently published a list of no go takeaways who were awarded the order of botulism for cooking a 1 star for hygiene.

You will also pass another quaint well known [alleged] scumhole known as the “brit”. Yet another den of layabouts, but more violent than its close neighbour. The Bell should be avoided at all costs by all decent citizens… unless you want your face smashed in.

The bottom half of the high st is not even worth a mention, just a dead end. People like to boast about the Strand Leisure Park in Gillingham, but it’s just a bit of grass with a swimming pool that sits by the side of a disgustingly filthy river, full of the sh–e that’s emptied into it. A Police diver once caught Weils disease and died from swallowing some of the water.

At night it’s best to avoid the place completely, because its overrun with illegal immigrants whom the police [allegedly] do nothing about and it’s a no go area for a woman on her own. Going to the cash machine would be inviting instant robbery and sometimes stabbing. The murder rate in Medway has skyrocketed. Mostly stabbings by foreign gangs who all carry knives and by Jamaican yardie gangs who come to sell crack and ****** virtually openly and usually to copulate with local ******* in return for drugs (old hoes who they then put on the game and live off).

This town has been ruined and most of the blame is down to inadequate policing and local govt. To see Police getting off their arses and patrolling is a rarity these days and the elderly residents now feel unsafe in their own town. So I say to the unwary, avoid Gillingham (the safest of the Medway towns) and the others, that are even worse.

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