Worst places to live in Northumberland

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  1. Living in Ashington, Northumberland

    A Depressing Lifetime in Ashington, Northumberland

  2. Living in Seahouses, Northumberland

    Seahouses: they hide the ****** so you see what they want you to see

  3. Living in Amble, Northumberland

    Amble: the population of 6,022 is now almost entirely related

  4. Living in Morpeth

    Morpeth: Is it really as posh as the posters make it look? No!

  5. Living in Ashington, Northumberland

    Ashington is now a necrotic ulcer on the nether regions of the North East

  6. Living in Wooler, Northumberland

    Wooler: in the morning it’s a lovely rural town, by midday it changes

  7. The sad decline of The North

    The sad decline of The North

  8. Living in Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland

    Newbiggin-By-The-Sea full of mullet, snapback, tracky bottom wearing idiots

  9. Living in Ashington

    Ashington is by far the ********* town in Northumberland

  10. Blyth, still the **** capital of Northumberland…..but now with a KFC

  11. berwick upon tweed

    berwick upon tweed

  12. Blyth, (Near Newcastle), Northumberland.