Worst places to live in Northumberland

Blyth, North Blyth
(556 crimes in Mar 2021)
Isabella Pit, North Blyth
(357 crimes in Mar 2021)
Newsham, North Blyth
(357 crimes in Mar 2021)
(348 crimes in Mar 2021)

(272 crimes in Mar 2021)
Mayfield, East Cramlington
(195 crimes in Mar 2021)
(190 crimes in Mar 2021)
North Seaton, West Sleekburn
(176 crimes in Mar 2021)
Bedlington Station
(171 crimes in Mar 2021)
Cambois, East Bedlington
(147 crimes in Mar 2021)
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Top 10 worst places to live in England 2021

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