Living in Seahouses, Northumberland
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Oh dear, Seahouses is a chav village! You would never expect that such a small village could be so inbred! Everyone talks about how beautiful it is, the coast, the sea, but no one is telling you of the horror! An entire estate full of chavs.

People in white vans try to challenging anyone on a race, friends sharing their wives, a tourist attraction for people from Manchester and Hartlepool (and you know what that means!!!!!)

I was once myself challenged to a race by a ginger head, dirty face inbreed, whom even waved at me with his long nails hand(the horror). Everyone is related somehow, which means they all hate each other, SERIOUSLY.

No community spirit, everyone talks behind everyone’s back. You’ve got the super posh one and the one with a conviction thinking that the own the place. No one stands up for truth of justice, they just prefer to moan! Some of them are so deeply inbreed that they even look like each other!

So, don’t let the ‘beautiful Northumberland coast’ catch you off guard, it is not a chav town, but a chav village indeed. You been warned

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